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This is an invitation to transform your habits in a positive way so you can live longer and happier for yourself and those around you.

ZenZone: Navigating Mindfulness

Discover your mindful happiness

In this self-guided online 7-day course, I’ll present you with a chance to explore your own creative wave of implementing mindfulness into your day without giving up a thing. Through a series of recorded meditations, educational notes, and personal journaling, I’ll challenge you to concentrate on your intention and the connection between your spirit and the mind. 

01                                     Morning solitude

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The morning solitude mindfulness meditation is designed to prepare you for a brand new 24hrs ahead of you. We cannot predict the future but we can prepare for it.

03                   moving the body mindfully

Morning Solitude Day 1 Discover a ritual of gratitude + joy before you start your morning.

"Wow, really enjoying my new morning ritual - the program is amazing", Susan 

06                   moving the body mindfully

Morning Solitude Day 1 Discover a ritual of gratitude + joy before you start your morning.

“thank you, Karen, I did Day 1 this morning, thank you a very relaxing start to the day”, Doris

Do you feel the same way?

You have high expectations for how you want your day to flow, however, you quickly lose control of your thoughts and visions. You long for an endless flow of productivity. The good intentions never quite turn out as you hoped. And your to-do list gets longer and you feel disconnected from your intentions.

This course is only available for a limited time.

Special offer


ZenZone: Navigating Mindfulness

01     Morning solitude

02    Setting your intentions for the day

03    Moving the body

04    Tune into nature

05    Focusing the mind

06    Listening intentionally

07    Ease into sleep

Just $7.95 

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Karen Davis

Throughout my career, I’ve been captivated by the intrinsic beauty of the mind and inspired by the mix of emotions we experience as humans interacting with the world and those around us. My work is not only a narration of my own life journey, but a culmination of dreams and hopes for what lies ahead.

My desire to help others see their honest and loving expression of themselves has brought me feelings of such grand fulfillment. I am thrilled to share my passion and bring feelings of joy into your life through the simple act of being mindful.

After this

a Foundation to build upon

Confidence to pursue life

Skills to elevate abundance

You’ll have the insight you need to begin your days peacefully and mindfully. Your clear understanding of mindfulness will lead you to more productivity, less procrastination, and more valuable time spent on living an abundant life.

Self-doubt will evaporate as you continue to practice the meditations. This spark we’ve ignited inside you will grow stronger and push the limits of your creativity and happiness in life.

Your thirst for living mindfully will further be powered by tips you’ve picked up in this course. You can continue to experiment and expand your true happiness.

Make sure you get in before the doors close!

That feeling of being drawn to live your life happily and abundantly —
that’s called intuition.
You deserve to follow it.

Wander into the world of mindfulness and uncover the truly beautiful world that’s been waiting for you

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