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Your Reset

Step away from the computer screen and step into nature.

This one-day retreat will have you feeling fresh and brand new. Walk back into the office and turn heads with your refreshed self-confidence, inspiration, and creative spark. 

Many Sands Yoga

Are you in dire need of some inspiration, creativity, or simply the need to rejuvenate in our ever-changing world? Spend a day with me in nature and experience the spiritually ingenious work we do together to bring balance back to your life and workplace. Walk back into your office with vibrancy enlightenment + inspired productivity knowing you're equipped with the tools to support you. Get ready to fuq shit up, and increase your productivity within a structurally balanced day.

Specifically designed for professionals, it gives me pleasure to introduce to you, an offline resilience training program aiming to bring better mental health to some of Australia’s most important workers.
My goal is to reignite your creativity, and fill your bucket back up. 

Many Sands Yoga

Imagine going back to the office full of life and vitality!
Outcomes of working with MSY for the day
  • uninterrupted time to breathe and connect with nature

  • full support in finding mindfulness and practicing it in real-time

  • the development of fresh new ideas and strategies and how to activate them without another to-do list

  • learn how to create your own personal morning and evening ritual + stick to it

  • learn how to implement a workplace well-being ritual that best supports you simply and efficiently

  • understand your boundaries, be clear about them and learn how to implement them without fear of judgment or letting the team down

  • feel supported and learn how to support others without giving away all of your energy

  • reigniting that spark of being the best productive person you can be

  • release your tensions and surrender to feeling calm and relaxed 

  • become a magnet for positive energy in the workplace environment

What to expect from your
Yoga Hike
  • Personal time for you to dig deep.

  • Guided Yoga supporting you in finding What Feels Good for you. 

  • Dust off those hiking boots as you are guided through a mindfulness hike.

  • Hold on as we knuckle down with a guided private/shared workshop to get clear on personal and professional goals.

  • Afternoon tea with a sneaky glass of wine!

Many Sands Yoga Hikes


Professionals have challenging working conditions, have taken on new roles and responsibilities, and embraced new ways of working. This has led to many professionals feeling burnt out, anxious, and exhausted.

By being outdoors and using all our senses to appreciate nature, we can be more mindful of the present, gain emotional resilience, and combat stress with more vitality. As professionals, we encourage our staff to ‘fill one another's buckets’ but often fail to do this ourselves. By becoming more mindful, professionals can learn to fill their own bucket as well as their teams, students, and families.

Many Sands Yoga Professional Workshops

No time for a full-day Yoga Hike?
No worries

This is a private program designed around the needs of staff.

Working with me on mindset and boundaries, inclusive of meditations, mindfulness yoga + a workshop. 

The intention and focus are on shifting your accountability, beliefs, and your mindset. 

  • Gain clarity on your visions.

  • Set boundaries and put them into place.

  • Have the confidence to execute your boundaries in a professional manner.

  • Become more progressive rather than regressive in the workplace and in your life.

  • Finish with a clear path and destination in all aspects of your life.

Shorter workshops of 1.5 hrs can be scheduled into your day at your workplace.

Many Sands Yoga Professional Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to bring?

  • Layered clothing

  • Hiking boots or non-slip shoes

  • A rain Jacket

  • A towel for sitting on or a yoga mat

  • A journal or something to write in and a pen

How hard is the hike?

  • The hike is moderate. It follows a well-made path with some steps along the way.

  • We will be hiking at a slow pace and stopping regularly to discuss elements of nature and practising mindfulness

Is there toilets?

Yes! Long drop and flushable toilets.

Will lunch be provided?

  • You are encouraged to bring your own lunch and snacks with a water bottle in a small backpack that you can hike with.

Afternoon tea will be provided

What happens if it rains?

  • The yoga Hike will still go ahead even if it rains as this is a part of being in nature. 

  • Bring a raincoat just in case.

Note: in extreme weather conditions ie: strong winds or lightning alternate arrangements will be made.

Will I be able to practice yoga if I haven't done yoga before?

Yes, 100%. I will guide you every step of the way and make modifications as needed.

How long will the hike take?

The hike will be a minimum of 2hrs.

    To book your day in nature pls email Karen Davis 




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    NOTE: All Yoga Hikes will be conducted in all weather types with the exception of severe winds or lightning.​​

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