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Year 3/4 Courage

Step away from the classroom and step into nature.

This yoga hike will enable your students to find courage through various opportunities as we practice yoga in nature and hike to the water's edge. 

Are your students coming to school stressed, anxious, overwhelmed + disconnected?  Spending a day on a Yoga Hike will see your students go from wilted to fire. A day of transformation, individual journey's that will be reflected back in the classroom.

Specifically designed for young students who feel more than we know and don't yet have the words to express how they are trying to navigate their way through this ever-changing world. 
My goal is to assist young students in finding their way as important young people through yoga and nature. Learning to be courageous in nature knowing that this courage is theirs to take anywhere + everywhere.
Imagine your student's coming back to school with the courage to try new things.
Outcomes of working with MSY for the day
  • uninterrupted time to breathe and connect with nature

  • full support in finding mindfulness and practicing it in real-time

  • have opportunities to practise being courageous

  • understand what it means to be courageous

  • learn how to connect to the breath in those trickier times

  • learn simple meditations + mindfulness practices

  • feel calm and relaxed 

  • learn and practice mantras

  • connect to a deeper sense of self with more gratitude to all beings 

  • regulate emotions 

What to expect from your
Yoga Hike
  • Personal time for your students to reflect + to dig deep.

  • Guided Yoga supporting students in finding what feels good. 

  • Dust off those hiking boots as students are guided through a mindfulness hike.

  • A mini-history + geography lesson

  • Hold on as we knuckle down with a guided private/shared art therapy workshop practicing mindfulness + meditation

Autumn Walk

Personal and Social Capability

  • They explain characteristics of cooperative behaviours and they use criteria to identify evidence of this in group activities.

  • They identify a range of conflict resolution strategies to negotiate positive outcomes for problems

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Health and Physical Education

  • Participate in outdoor  activities to examine how participation promotes a connection between natural and built environments, and health and wellbeing

Yoga Class


  • Types of natural vegetation and the significance of vegetation to the environment, the importance of environments to animals and people, and different views on how they can be protected

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to bring?

  • Layered clothing

  • Hiking boots, gum boots or non-slip shoes

  • A rain Jacket

  • A towel for sitting on 

How hard is the hike?

  • The hike is moderate. It follows a well-made path, there is some river crossing.

  • We will be hiking at a slow pace and stopping regularly to discuss elements of nature and practising mindfulness.

Are there toilets?

There are long drop toilets available.

Is lunch provided?

  • Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch and snacks with a water bottle in a small backpack that they can hike with.

What if it rains?

  • The yoga Hike will still go ahead even if it rains as this is a part of being in nature. 

  • Bring a raincoat just in case.

Note: in extreme weather conditions ie: strong winds or lightning alternate arrangements will be made.

Will students be able to practice yoga if they haven't done yoga before?

Yes, 100%. I will guide the students every step of the way and make modifications as needed.

How long is the hike for?

The hike will be a minimum of 2hrs.

    To book your student's day in nature pls email Karen Davis      




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    NOTE: All Yoga Hikes will be conducted in all weather types with the exception of severe winds or lightning.​​

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