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Midway through 2022, take time to be tender with yourself. This isn’t a night to go out and party, or try to be social. Reflect on what’s happened throughout the year so far and give yourself some grace. Let this be a pit stop before the rest of your courageous journey! Mid-year reflection new moon time t start afresh.

New Moon in Cancer  Magic
Saturday, June 25th

Releasing what no longer serves us in nature on sacred grounds

What better way to soak up the full moon than by simply basking in its rays? Spending time outside under the full moon connects you to nature and the moon itself.

If you are;

  • looking for space to clear your head

  • need inspiration

  • want to reignite creativity

  • let go of what no longer serves you

  • feel held + supported

  • be one with nature

  • have space to heal 

  • looking to make new friends

This may be your sign that you have been waiting for.

This is for you if;

  • you need a break from the 9-5 grind

  • you crave a connection with nature

  • you have something you would like to release

  • you are looking to learn more about yourself, your mind + emotions

  • you have wanted to practice yoga outside 

  • you enjoy meditating + practicing rituals in nature

  • you are ready to begin your healing journey or continue your healing journey

  • your ready to untangle thoughts, release fears/blocks + find your confidence to be you!

  • LOVE the Full Moon

You will indulge in;

  • drinking wine as you sit under the full moon

  • a guided yoga practice in nature on sacred grounds under the full moon

  • be a part of a moon alter

  • journaling

  • a guided full moon meditation

  • manifesting

  • crystal healing

  • sound healing bath

  • cleansing your waters under the full moon

  • guided journaling

  • free time to wander, stargaze or just bask in the moonlight


Full Moon Circle

Indulge in a guided yoga session opening the heart and the hips to release tensions. Sip wine + relax into the feels of the sacred lands in nature.


Be cleansed


Be guided through a healing full moon meditation supporting you to let go + heal.

Bask under the night sky + star gaze. 


Indulge in Sound Healing


Soak up the healing energies of the full moon as you release what no longer serves you.

Cleanse + heal with crystals.

It's more than just an offering its a feeling deep in the soul. It's transformative. It will stay with you for some time to come.
When:  Friday, March 18th 2022

Time:  6pm

Investment:  $75

Cart closes Sunday 13th March 2022 @ 11:59pm


Yoga at Home


Thank you for making this a nice experience and I definitely will be joining more of your events in the future.

It was tough coming on my own but you made me feel comfortable 

Yoga at Home


Thank you for last night, it was a special evening and feels surreal today until I see the pics. The group were a great bunch and it was well organized. I think I got emotional-after the child’s pose hip opener. It was very transformative for me.

Yoga at Home


Friday night was a rare event and an experience that was utterly magic. Thank you for putting your heart, soul and passion into it, personally, I will remember it for a long time and feel so happy to have spent such a special time with you and a truly great bunch of people. 

The photos are a great reminder of a beautiful and powerful experience (even though I was freezing on that rock!) it was amazing to feel alive and in awe. 

bookings are essential


full refunds will be given when the weather is unfavorable ie: heavy rain or winds

full refunds will be given due to Covid -19

50% of the yoga hike will be refunded on request up until 48 hrs prior to the yoga hike after 48 hrs no refund will be given

*This session will still run in light rains + cold/hot days*

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