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Express Vinyasa in Nature

end your week

reenergized, soothed + harmonized 

join Karen weekly as we embrace yoga in nature. you will have an opportunity to restore your energy, slowing down the nervous system allowing the mind to unravel.  Karen will take you through long slow stretches to extend + engage tired muscles.

you will learn + experience breath techniques that will help clear away toxins from the working week. you will experience a natural winddown moving into the weekend.

sit long in nature + after a while 

she'll sit with you

let her take away your name, your history + incinerate your todo list

let her mess up your hair

dirty your feet

+ awaken you to your mermaid

words by tanyamarkul + hellsyeahunicorn - the she book

Sunset Yoga

     Friday nights

     @ Hanna Watts Park 

  • 40 minutes Express Yoga where you will learn

      + experience moving with intention as you focus on the breath

  • there will be a strong focus on letting go + gentle prompts along the way 

  • heart openers + twists to connect to the spring energies

  • you will be nurtured through a weekly balancing pose to strengthen focus + experience mindfulness

  • Karen will finish the practice with a tranquil Savasana

      + a sound bath to leave you feeling restored + untangled

studies show that even if you can do yoga once a week, it can make a difference. over time, practicing yoga can help your body to deal with stress more effectively

When you gift yourself this weekly practice you will

* have a clearer mind moving into the weekend

* have a better nights sleep with the intention to have a weekend of bliss

* have a sense of ownership over your mind + body as they work as one

* make a connection to the energy of nature

* match the breeze with your breath

* intuitively learn to balance as the ground forces us to make the right effort

* allow the warmth of the sun to deepen your poses

* let a bird or a small bug invite you to focus on something small + still

* uncover your strength within the body + mind

this is for you if...
  • you are wanting to increase your energy levels for the weekend or the working week ahead

  • you would like to receive the benefits of nature + its natural energies

  • you have wanted to start a yoga practice but don't know where to begin

  • you are looking to learn more about yourself + emotions

  • you are limited on time but still want to practice yoga

  • you want to have tools + strategies to reduce stress in your everyday life

  • you want to improve your yoga poses + alignment to nurture an injury

  • you want to improve  + refine your balance 

Friday night sessions are $15
for 40 minutes
A limit of 2 people per session as per Covid19 guidelines.
please bring a towel to place under your mat to stop your mat from getting dirty
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