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Along Victoria's most beautiful coastline, WARNAMBOOL 

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Leaders Create Leaders

Women's Retreat April 2024
Learn to adapt to your environment, rise above challenges & become stronger.
Upack the 5 areas of personal growth & development.
♡ Physical
♡ Emotional
♡ Spiritual
♡ Social
♡ Mental
Find your tribe of collective consciousness.
Unlock your unique signature through a tribe of like-minded women.

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APRIL 12th - 15th, 2024

The retreat is being held in Warrnambool, a gentle stroll to the beach, surrounded by the city center and close to nature walks.
The retreat will include workshops on personal development & personal growth, networking with like-minded women, a day spa, an adventure, fitness classes, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. All food and accommodation including workshops and adventures are included in the price.


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Yoga at Home

Perfection from start to finish

It was a privilege to be a part of Karen’s first yoga retreat. I actually had no idea it was her first! It was so well done that I thought it was from experience of hosting many yoga retreats. It was all the little details that made it for me …the personal mantra cards placed on our yoga matts every morning, our own little moonstones to hold during the new moon meditation and cards placed on our beds to welcome us on this beautiful retreat. Perfection from start to finish! Friendships were made along with lots of belly laughter…I came away feeling so great about myself and so proud that I embarked on such a wholesome weekend with lovely people.

Sarah D

Yoga at Home

It touched my soul

Karen’s retreat at Trentham was amazing!  I was dubious, nervous and wanted to change my mind about going away with a bunch of strangers for a weekend retreat.  And boy am I glad I went!  It was so relaxed and carefree.  I have never felt so comfortable amongst a group of strangers before. Karen seemed to know what we needed and when we needed  it.   Such a transformative and enlightening experience…it touched my soul.  Definitively hooked and can’t wait for the next one.


Thankyou so much team Karen!


Xx Di

Yoga at Home

I  lived in the moment

I am someone who lives a fast-paced life and does nothing without a whole lot of other things to do at one time. My mind never stops and my husband always says he can hear my brain ticking. Whilst I still live like this most of the time, working with Karen and my journey to slowing down has been literally life-changing. I have the privilege to not only attend Karen’s weekly yoga sessions, but I also have experienced her yoga hikes in nature and just recently her very first-weekend yoga retreat. I was actually nervous about attending and my inability to stop (and yes I still hustled away here and there) but I also lived in the moment, rested my mind, my body and my spirit. This May sound a little out there, but to me- learning to slow my mind, my thoughts and my body is a huge win and has helped me create my work life balance.
I am truly blessed to have Karen amazing yoga goddess (and now friend) in my life.

Sarah P

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