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If you've ever struggled with back pain, even if you've tried exercises before, this will help you.


Back pain is complex and an effective program must address 3 key areas:

Exercise, Lifestyle & Motivation.


  • Exercise makes your body stronger and more flexible.

  • Lifestyle factors like sleep, stress, and diet also affect your resilience and pain sensitivity. These can be key to recovery.

  • Motivation and accountability are what enable you to do the work, even when you feel low or unmotivated. That's what leads to results.


If you've tried exercise but either you didn't stick with it, or it just didn't work - it's probably because you didn't have all these 3 components. 


It might surprise you but combining simple exercises with small but powerful lifestyle adjustments, plus accountability support are all that's needed to move past back pain.

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Many sands Yoga & Reformer Pilates

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Pilates Practice on a Reformer

- Nicole B

“My chiropractor just told me my body is getting stronger. I have only had 4 sessions with you so far! I can’t wait to see what happens!”

Pilates Studio

- Jenny

“My core is so much better only after a few sessions. I feel the difference when I’m just moving about my day. I’m wrapped.”

Pilates Instructor

- Alana

“I thought I was going to die halfway through but you got me there with your sweet smile, LOL. Thank you, Karen, I couldn’t do it without you.”

Hi I’m Karen


Hi, I’m Karen and I and I found myself with debilitating back pain I had been to many doctors and specialists to no avail. One morning I woke in so much pain I couldn’t move a cm of my body. My children called an ambulance and I was taken to hospital. Long story short they had said I had symptoms of being in a car accident. I had a stressful career and this was a major contributor. One day I walked into a Pilates studio (so slowly and unbalanced) all I could do was slowly sit on the carriage. Today I am fully mobile and strong at age 52. So now I spend my time helping men & women overcome back pain and achieve a life of abundance even if they feel like they have exhausted all avenues.





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Many sands Yoga & Reformer Pilates

Join my 42-Day Back Pain Away Challenge

I have developed a special program specifically for women who have back pain that eliminates stiffness and soreness so you can achieve the freedom to go to Zumba classes and play with the kids/grandkids, hike, travel, and all the other pleasures that bring us joy in our lives.

Here’s how it works:

I will help you to feel strong, energized, and pain-free in 6 weeks through a combination of movement, mindset, accountability, and lifestyle changes.

Each week you will do:

  • 2 live semi-private sessions with me IN PERSON or ONLINE at Many Sands Yoga, Brookfield (2 X 45 minutes each, max 4 people in the group). In these sessions, I’ll guide you through simple, individualized strengthening and stretching exercises to target your weak and tight areas

  • There is also the option of working 1:1. Great if you are new to exercise or just getting back to it due to an injury.

  • Simple lifestyle changes we’ll agree on to support your goal. These are different for every person, but typically we find things like going to bed earlier, or spending quality time with your family make a big difference.

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