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Hi!  I'm Karen.


I'm an adventure lover, dreamer, and forever seeker. I love sand, salty waters, trees, butterfly & bees, dogs & frogs, dancing, laughing, sweet treats & raw feeds, freedom, travel, reading, road trips, and beings of all kinds.

I'm messy & creative, serious and sassy, fearful & fearless, I can be anything as I am me.

Yoga is my creation of me. It peels away the layers of me, sometimes gently sometimes fiercely. The outcomes are both raw and sensual.

I've got this strong connection to nature. It unravels me bit by bit, layer by layer. It soothes my tangled thoughts as I find my feet digging deep into the earth. 

I mixed the two together in an attempt to find a deeper connection of me. And so I baked Many Sands Yoga. A journey of yoga in nature.

My yoga classes incorporate all of the above with opportunities for you to connect to the present moment. I encourage you to find tools that enable you to connect to your true self.

I follow the moon + its offerings to the seasons. I invite you to delve into your deepest connections to self as I support you along the way.

Karen x

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