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Noarlunga South Australia

All about YOU


 Phillip Island

April 1st, 2023

Full-Day Yoga Hike Retreat, 

Mandala Ceremony

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A full-day yoga hike/retreat with a creative mandala workshop.

Detox as you venture into the realms of nature join me as I take you on an adventure of yoga + hiking.

You will make connections to nature through the mind + body.

You will be tantalized by all of your 5 senses as you are guided through asanas with the salty sea breeze, as we practice upon the softness of the white sandy beach.

You will be tantalized by the whitewash of the piercing blue waters + welcomed by the hidden rock pools that beckon you to dip in.

Uncover the secret healing properties of Mandalas and how to use them effectively.

Join in a Mandala Yoga flow on the white sands of the beach as the waves lap behind you.

Search for your own unique foundation for your mandala inspiration.

Be guided through a Mandala ceremony for your own personal journey.
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Learn about the magic of a Mandala, April 1, 2023

And create your very own.

A Sound Bath in Nature

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A sound bath in nature sitting by the ocean is a beautiful healing technique that uses vibrations from the crystal singing bowls to induce relaxation.

There is nothing you need to do here but lay back and close your eyes. 

It is a very grounding, nurturing, and nourishing experience that will stay with you for hours later.

What can a Yoga Hike do for you?

Hiking alone offers us an escape from daily stressors and an opportunity to breathe in fresh air and exercise in nature. Nature itself is a soothing stimulus for our whole body.

Yoga is a spiritual discipline dating back to some 5000 years in the history of Indian philosophy, its purpose, is mainly to unleash the spiritual and mental powers of an individual. It was initiated to aid beautiful humans to sit and meditate for many hours without getting sore limbs.

Science has shown many beneficial changes to the brain from hiking and yoga. Imagine joining them together for an impactful brain-changing healing process that is known to last.

some of the outcomes but not limited are;

Improvement in your memory  

A soothing to your fear responses and chronic anxiety

An Improvement in your ability to change or alter your habits 

The tools to build resilience and self-confidence

Understand  mindfulness and feel its powerful effects

The ability to moderate stress hormones

Stimulates the Parasympathetic nervous system

Improve your immunity

Improve the quality of your sleep

And lower your blood pressure without the aid of medication.

Add in Yogic Philosophy

And we dive deeper into our own beings.

Learning to find compassion and truth. 

Feeling inspiration rise up and explore our child-like selves.

Understand what triggers us, holding us back from moving forward and letting go in a safe environment.

Allowing yourself the space and compassion to move forward just as you are and grow.

What to expect...

-Pick up in a minibus from Southern Cross Station on Saturday morning.

-Champagne and nibbles on the bus to Phillip Island :)

-Morning Tea

-Yoga on the beach

-A hike and a 360-degree view from the top (approximately 6.5 k's about 2.5 hrs. return, classified as moderate).

-Lunch is provided

-A sound bath by a small waterfall.

-Opportunity to swim in some gorgeous rock pools if the weather permits.

-Some creative time making Mandalas

-Some quiet time for you to explore.

-A drive back to San Remo and some hot chippies before we drop you back at Southern Cross station.

***This is for you if…***

- You need a break from the 9-5 grind

- You would like to digitally detoxify

- You value ‘me’ time + you crave a connection with nature

- If you would like a better night's sleep

- You would like some space to breathe.

-You would like to release your emotions through movement + creativity

-You would like to meet like-minded people

- If you would just like a day away from the world, a day for you to rejuvenate and find yourself again , then this is most definitely for you.

I will transport you to + from Phillip Island and provide you with morning tea, a glass of champagne + lunch (plant-based).

Pick up will be from Southern Cross Station, exact times will be given closer to the date but around 8.30/9 am.

This is open to you all even if you are a beginner at yoga :)

If you feel called to come along, you can book your tickets here.

April 1, 2023

Once your ticket is booked you will receive an email confirmation and more details for the day leading up to the Yoga Hike.

All about YOU


 Phillip Island

Previous Yoga Hike/ Day retreat, February 2021.

Bookings are Essential


Full refunds will be given when the weather is unfavorable ie: heavy rain or winds

Full refunds will be given due to Covid -19

50% of the yoga hike will be refunded on request up until 48 hrs prior to the yoga hike after 48 hrs no refund will be given

*This session will still run in light rains + cold/hot days*

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