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Years 9-12
Retreat Day

Step away from the computer screen, socials/gaming and step into nature.

This one-day retreat will have your students feeling fresh and brand new. Returning back to school with clearer minds + breathing techniques to feel calm + focused.

Are your students coming to school stressed, anxious, overwhelmed + disconnected?  Spending a day on a Yoga Hike will see your students go from wilted to fire. A day of transformation, individual journey's that will be reflected back in the classroom.

Specifically designed for young adult students who are trying  to navigate their way through this ever-changing world. This program is supporting students wellbeing incorporating physical, social, emotional, mental + spiritual dimensions inclusive biological, sociocultural + environmental factors. (Victorian Curriculum)
My goal is to reel the students in to a point of knowing + understanding that moving in nature creates unconditional benefits to their health, study, work, friendships + their wellbeing.
Imagine your students actually enjoying being off their socials + feeling amazing!
Outcomes of working with MSY for the day
  • uninterrupted time to breathe and connect with nature

  • full support in finding mindfulness and practicing it in real-time

  • learn how to put together a small tool kit of wellbeing resources

  • learn how to use the wellbeing tool kit

  • learn how to create time blocks for study + wellbeing time

  • learn how to connect to the breath in those trickier times

  • learn simple time efficient meditations + mindfulness to keep you centered and calm

  • release tensions and surrender to feeling calm and relaxed 

  • learn and practice mantras + affirmations to positively guide you

  • connect to a deeper sense of self with more gratitude to all beings 

  • regulated emotions with an upbeat mood

  • stronger bonds with peers + more empathy

What to expect from your
Yoga Hike
  • Personal time for your students to reflect + to dig deep.

  • Guided Yoga supporting students in finding what feels good. 

  • Dust off those hiking boots as students are guided through a mindfulness hike.

  • Hold on as we knuckle down with a guided private/shared workshop practicing mindfulness + meditation

  • A mini crystal workshop with affirmations and mantras

Crossing a River


  • establish resilience,  make decisions and take actions to promote their health, safety and physical activity participation

  • develop empathy for themselves + others

  • work together to manage challenging situations constructively

Yoga by the Sea

Physical Education

  • grasp an appreciation of how movement in all its forms is central to daily life

  • engage in and enjoy regular movement-based learning experiences and understand and appreciate their significance to personal, social, cultural, environmental and health practices and outcomes

  • acquire, apply and evaluate movement skills, concepts and strategies to respond confidently, competently and creatively in a variety of physical activity contexts and settings


Personal + Social Capabilities

  • students reflect critically on their emotional responses to challenging situations

  • They demonstrate persistence, motivation, initiative, and decision-making through the completion of challenging tasks

  • evaluate personal characteristics, strategies and sources of support used to cope with stressful situations/life challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to bring?

  • Layered clothing

  • Hiking boots or non-slip shoes

  • A rain Jacket

  • A towel for sitting on 

  • A journal or something to write in and a pen

How hard is the hike?

  • The hike is moderate. It follows a well-made path with some steps along the way.

  • We will be hiking at a slow pace and stopping regularly to discuss elements of nature and practising mindfulness.

Are there toilets close by?

  • Yes! There are flush toilets and long drops.

Do you provide lunch?

  • Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch and snacks with a water bottle in a small backpack that they can hike with.

What if it rains on the day?

  • The yoga Hike will still go ahead even if it rains as this is a part of being in nature. 

  • Bring a raincoat just in case.

Note: in extreme weather conditions ie: strong winds or lightning alternate arrangements will be made.

Will students be able to practice yoga if they haven't done yoga before?

  • Yes, 100%. I will guide the students every step of the way and make modifications as needed.

How long will we hike for?

  • The hike will be a minimum of 2hrs.

To book your student's day in nature pls email Karen Davis



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NOTE: All Yoga Hikes will be conducted in all weather types with the exception of severe winds or lightning.​​

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