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Sarah Said

"I was drawn to the Dream Ocean Warrior Retreat because of the need to slow down and step away from work. I was looking for some downtime, me time, uninterrupted adult conversation time, new connections, and rest. The absolute highlight of this retreat was the pier jumping and that feeling of relief on arrival as soon as I saw the ocean. But I was taken out of my comfort zone 100% by the boat, the snorkeling, the pier jump, driving there, and the cacao ceremony.

My breakthrough of the fear I had with the trust I’ve gained back in my ability to drive to new places. I don’t feel like the fear of the drive will stop me from trying new things anymore.

My lingering memory of this retreat is that feeling of hitting the water jumping off the pier, I felt so free!

If you are thinking about a yoga retreat with Karen, 100% I think everyone should try something that makes them stop, be in the moment, and re-connect with not only themselves but nature."

Uta Said

"I needed a reset and reconnect. I was looking for some rest, reset, and connection with others. 

My highlight of the Dream Ocean Warrior Retreat was snorkeling with Leafy Sea Dragons and an incredible bedtime yoga session. I have never been that relaxed in my life!

During the retreat, I was taken out of my comfort zone sitting in the front of a really fast boat in stormy water. But I started really loving it after 5 minutes! And Yoga on the beach was just magical!

During the yoga retreat, I was reminded that everyone has a story, and strengths especially women to overcome adversity and walk out stronger on the other end.

It was an absolutely magical experience and Karen is an incredibly intuitive and caring person."

Dream Ocean Warrior Yoga Retreat 2022
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