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About Last weekend...

Last weekend I bought a dream to life! I hosted my very 1st Yoga Retreat! I'm not going to talk it down…It was a big fuqing success! And I literally cannot put it into words.

I bought 9 strangers together to dive deep into themselves. To get real and honest with themselves. I didn't take their phones or withhold their coffee. And I didn't make them smoothies laced with drugs! lol, An inside joke regarding ‘9 Perfect Strangers!’ If you haven't watched it I recommend it lol.

We were blessed with the perfect blue skies and warm days.

We shared meals, wine, laughs, love and tears. Yep, tears were shed! A lot of mine, mostly happy and grateful tears! lol

It was a weekend of sharing, listening, holding space, and learning. There was so much to learn that it was exhausting lol. But I'm not complaining, not even for a moment. A week later and I can't stop smiling and sometimes out of nowhere I find myself crying happy tears.

Will I be doing it again? Hell yes!

I'm in the early stages of planning the next yoga retreat March 2022 by the coast of Victoria. Hold your hat it is going to be AMAZING!!

I'm off to the coast now with hubbie + Winston. It was hubbies birthday last weekend + he missed out, :).

Take care for now.

Karen xo

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