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An overshare...

I'm sitting outside the caravan under the blue sky completely relaxed with Winston at my feet. Last weekend I hosted a retreat and it was Pete’s birthday. His birthday wish was to head to the coast this weekend with Winston (if you don't know already my Bulldog baby who turns 4 next week). Pete is inside mapping out my next big road trip (he is meeting me at the tail end of it).

Have you ever browsed through social media and seen people traveling with their dog and it looks so romantic and cute? Or maybe you see people paddle boarding on a river or an ocean with their dog on the board… Well let me tell you it has been lovely having Winston here, he is very well behaved BUT…it's not all roses, let me tell you. I cannot pee without him crying at the bathroom door so he has to come in with me. If Pete has to go to the bathroom we all have to go. If Pete thought he was in for a sexy weekend well he got a shock. Winston has to sleep in between us both and growls if Pete moves over for a cuddle! LOL

We have been pretty much resigned to the campsite, lucky for us it's on the beach. But no exploring, hiking, or adventuring this weekend. It's ok though. It's nice to take some time to just be.

I've caught up on some business work, reading, and podcasts. There is one particular podcast I wanted to share with you (see below). For every woman out there or even guys, this is a must-listen! It will have you rethinking things. (if you do get around to listening let me know what you think :).

On the romantic side of things…Got your attention now LOL.

After covid lockdown, I headed out for a hike after work. It was a bit of a couldn't wait to get the fuq out of my area and hit the mountains kinda hike. Daylight saving hadn't hit yet so the sun was beginning to set. It was just magical in every way. The wildlife was starting to emerge from the forest and the sky was changing color. It took my breath away. And then I had the deepest calling from deep in my heart to share this experience with you all.

So during the midst of Summer, February 2022 I am offering a gorgeous Sunset Yoga Hike. Not just a Yoga Hike but a full experience with cheese and wine. Personally, I couldn't think of a nicer way to finish the working week but to sit up high in nature move my body with the whispers of the trees, sip wine and eat cheese whilst mother nature treats me to 360 views of delicious scenery.

I hope you can make it, it's going to be sexy! ;)

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