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More than just Yoga

Yoga is one piece of my life's puzzle to living a happy fulfilled life. Eating plant-based is another

I don’t eat meat or dairy. I gave these up many years ago . It wasn’t easy and sometimes it made me very sick. I began my journey with food for my - Physical wellbeing - My Longevity in life I started it for ‘Me’ because I felt bloated all the time, bored with the same meals every night, had major anxiety, and always felt tired and I wanted to stabilize my weight. I started by giving up sugar. That wasn’t a great experience, LOL. Headaches, cravings were crazy, and nightmares! All of the symptoms of withdrawals. Then it progressed to dairy. The cheese was my biggest treat and full-on addiction! I thought giving up cheese was going to kill me! LOL The meat came next. The chicken was harder to give up that meat, but then I was lost for what to replace the meat with. I went through long bouts of just eating bowls of vegetables or potatoes made into wedges. I was hungry or sick from consuming too many green vegetables all at once and my digestive system would explode! Then I began to introduce lentils and beans! Ahaha trying to like them, the texture the taste…and then came tofu after a couple of years. LOL Did I stick to it? Yep. I finally worked it all out. Even the whole protein dilemma! LOL It has been many many years now since I gave up meat and dairy and my 'Why' has changed. Some of the side effects of giving up meat and dairy have been; - Less anxiety - Stabilized weight - Clearer mind - Bloods are almost perfect - Cholesterol is perfect - Bloating has disappeared - I’m stronger in the body & mind - Less inflammation in the body - I rarely get a cold or fall ill - I eat such a wide variety of food - I’m happier as a whole - And so much more!

If you are thinking of adding more plants to your diet for any reason at all, reach out for some help. I have been through it all and I am happy to share resources, tips, and tricks to make it so much smoother than what I went through for you!

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