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Sweet Temptations

The sweetest of temptations that make us feel soooo GOOD! That instant feel-good high!

Sugar used to be my drug of choice too! Many years ago I was a smoker. I made the decision to live a healthier life and quit this bad habit that I had. So after many many attempts, I did. I replace smoking with eating lollies. And it was working for me! It actually made me feel pretty good. I had everything all worked out. On a shitty day, I would treat myself to a bag of lollies. A celebration a bag of lollies. That sweetness was the BOMB! That high! Oh, gee it felt good! Until that low would kick in…and then the slow and steady weight gain around my tummy…the mood swings…and then my blood-rising sugar levels. One day I woke up and thought ENOUGH! I’m going to go clean! LOL I researched and made a list of all of the things to do to help with the sugar craving. You know the ones, drink plenty of water, breathe deeply, count, sit it out wait until the craving passes. LOL I ended up going cold turkey, sweating it out, riding through the tumultuous mood swings, constipation, nightmares, and the full detoxing of a drug. My side effects were; - A better night’s sleep - I lost my belly fat - I was calmer - I felt lighter - Clearer mind making easier and better decisions - My blood stabilised - My kidneys were functioning better - Fruit tasted sweeter - I had way more energy - My mood evened out - And as I move into menopause I have absolutely no symptoms of hot flushes I attribute this all to giving up sugar.

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