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This was my Drug of Choice

Sugar is more than just an addictive drug. It literally fuq’s with your mind, body & soul!

It's closely linked with Alzheimer's disease!

Sugar is linked to depression!

The brain and the gut are essentially one, talking and feeling together. When you consume sugar you initially increase that feel-good dopamine release into the blood. But the body craves more and so you consume more. It’s a cycle that goes unnoticed until the physical effects start to take shape. (no pun intended ).

But it’s not just the sudden addiction from the brain and the gut, sugar inflames the brain. The inflammation is harder to reverse leading to Alzheimer's disease!

“Sugar seems to adversely impact the hippocampus and longer-term brain structures that are involved in decision-making and pleasure,” says the University of Sydney’s Dr Kieron Rooney.

We know all the other effects like: - Rotten teeth - Weight gain - Inflammation in the body and joints - Mood swings - Poor digestion - High blood pressure - Liver disease And the list just goes on.

Sugar addiction is likened to the same addiction people have to nicotine and drugs.

Sugar is in everything! So how do we know what sugar is good for us and what sugar is bad?

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