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Please note:

During the winter months of June, July, and August, alternate arrangements can be made for workshops ie: in school or at a chosen venue.

I know you are capable of making a difference in this world

Nature holds the key, this is where you can fill your bucket.  Are you ready?

Step away from the computer screen, socials, the fluorescent lights, the data analysis, and team bonding workshops, and join me in nature to fill your bucket back up. 


You became a professional to make a difference, and provide your students/staff with something bigger.

Let's work together in leveling you up to be the best version of yourself so you can shine! 

I, the Founder of Many Sands Yoga

As a former teacher of primary school, secondary, and VCAL I have been a classroom teacher, an outdoor education teacher, a sports teacher, and an art teacher. Teaching runs through my family's history as blood runs through my veins. Being a rebellious child I started my teaching career at a later stage.  My sole purpose in becoming a teacher was to work with students that were misunderstood and struggled to find their way amongst the rigidity and rules in the school setting. I had a passion for teaching and threw myself into the role completely until I found myself beginning to burn out. However, I don't want students or teachers feeling the same way I had started to feel; overwhelmed in a world that can be daunting with never-ending to-do lists. I had started a little business on the side that includes Yoga Hikes and Retreats that are making a huge difference in many people's lives. And then it dawned on me. The most significant impact I can make is with professionals. I understand and have lived a teacher's life and making connections back to nature through movement and mindfulness changed the way I want to support my fellow professionals. My aim is to positively guide you to find balance and harmony and remember that their happiness comes first. I cannot wait to work with you!


Many Sands Yoga

 Professional Development Days


Specifically designed for all professionals, introducing an offline resilience training program through yoga, hiking, mindfulness, and meditation, to bring better mental health to some of Australia’s most important workers.

Teacher Professional Development Days

Many Sands Yoga

Year 9 - 12 Retreat Day

dream catcher.jpg

Specifically designed for students, introducing an offline mindfulness, breathwork, and crystal healing program in nature through yoga and hiking, to bring better mental health and clarity to their study.

Year 9 - 12 Retreat Day

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