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cheese is as addictive as cocaine

seriously who doesn't love a fuqing ooey gooey hot cheesy toasty! mmmm

or that delicious cheese platter for starters....yum!

cheeseburger? hell yas!!!

cheesecake OMG I can't go past a vanilla cheesecake!

cheesy macaroni bake...oooooh

all these things + more were the hardest thing for me to give up when I went plant based. like extremely when I had to give up smoking. (yep I used to be a smoker) cheese was my thing. my snack when I was hungry, my comfort dessert food, social food or just some greasy cheesy burger for hangover food.

it was hard because cheese is addictive. well not cheese its self even though it increases those feel good triggers. it's all the habits we associate with cheese. something I never even thought of until I had to give it up (well I didn't do that either lol more on that later) as humans we become attached + make habits, habits sometimes form into addictions...

did I give up cheese for a plant based lifestyle? yep I did + the withdrawals were shit. they got me deep down in the tummy + heavy in the heart. but like everything that is worth doing it took hard work + commitment. my body is all the better for it now! :)

Karen x

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