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my conversion to plant based

Brain Fog. That's how it began. I didn't understand back then that it was what I was putting into my body. Days gone by I would eat pizza for dinner and then eat the left overs for breakfast! Yum! I could do this for days with no ill effect what so ever. Then I got on the band wagon of being healthy. Meat, dairy, fruit and vegies! Nothing really changed I have to be honest...I didn't really feel any better or worse, I just felt the same.

I researched further and yes! I had the answer! I QUIT SUGAR!

After some detoxing (migraines, nightmares, changes in digestion) I did begin to feel better and my body even began to change shape. I was getting healthier.

My commutes to work were long and boring so I began listening to podcasts. Mostly yoga podcasts as this was my thing. Yogis talked about veganism. Interesting but not something I knew a lot about. Then I stumbled across @plantproof. He discussed healthy eating in a digestible way that began to make sense. He was Plantbased/Vegan! Huh! I had rarely heard of the word! He talked of his journey and research over the months but held no judgement on what people ate, he just gave facts.

I became curious and began to do my own research learning about the effects food had on the body and how food can be of advantage or disadvantage.

I gave it a go, the whole Vegan/Plantbased thing just like that over night. I became very sick, my digestive system went into overdrive, I had almost convinced myself I was going to die of hunger or dehydration. But something in me did feel a little better, so I persisted and researched more. These are some of the things that made my connection stronger to being plant based.

* no bloating

* clear mind

* no skin problems of any kind

* regular softer stools

* a huge variety of food

* my body weight stabalised

* inexpensive

* big business marketing tactics that convince us what is healthy ie: added protein and iron in bread...

* I wasn't consuming the fear of an animal that was about to die

* my love of animals & undersatnding the process they endure for me although they provided me with the least amount of nutrients

It has been nearly 4 years now and I haven't been tempted to go back. I was so addicted to cheese and ice cream and thought my world was going to end if I had to give them up! I have given up nothing but gained so so much more.

This is my ice cream now! Delicious and so good for me.

Try it for yourself. Here is the recipe.

* 3 frozen bananas

* a tablespoon of cocao

* handful of ice

* 1/2 cup of your favourite plantbased milk

* a teaspoon of vanilla

* a spoonful of vanilla/chocolate protein powder

* EXTRA oreos broken up!

Put it all into the blender and SHAZAM! Plant based icecream to die for!

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