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all the feels

a lil group of tree huggers lol

this was our chasing waterfalls yoga hike + this tree was just irresistible not to hug. in the middle of this amazing rain forest this stunning tree beckoned us to come over

you can look at photos until the cows come home of nature but unless you are actually in it you can't experience the full healing it has

there were tears of awe as we hiked along the trails. smells, feels + touch were in abundance. feels came from under foot, a brush of a fern across your fingers, the varying temperatures of the air, the freezing waters, the softness of the bark on a ginormous tree, the soft moss on the rocks, the harshness of the rocks but also the coolness...the smell of the fresh waters, the wet leaves, wet bark, sweet ferns + wild flowers, the smells of the freshest of fresh air...

they say a picture tells a thousand words but you can't get the sensations of being there...

Karen x

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