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Lerderderg Yoga Hike for the Fearless

this has to be up there with one of the toughest yoga hikes thus far! look at this view though! it was so fuqing worth it.

this group didn't believe me that this hike was going to be tough! lol

half way up the hill they were swearing at me + really hating on me. but they preserved + pushed + supported each other in so many ways! + guess what!? they were all fuqing strangers before we set off. they all turned up quiet + shy not sure what to expect...just gorgeous. I promised to take care of them but I also promised to push the boundaries. I wanted the to see that when shit gets tough they have both the mental + physical toughness to get through

I think that their faces said it all when we reached the top. to get there we had to grovel on our hands + knees, take a hand from a stranger, grab a rock or a tree for stability, be picked up when we fell.

I couldn't be prouder of this group + them of themselves

the absolute best part of this yoga hike was jumping into the river at the end!

nature just has so many healing qualities + challenges but life changes for the better

Karen x

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