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Chasing Waterfalls Yoga Hike

sometimes it's the experience

sometimes it's the people you meet along the way...

as strangers in a little 12 seater mini bus we set off to Lorne to embark on a Yoga Hike Chasing Waterfalls

we practiced yoga together amongst the apple trees in some ones orchid lol! I have to say though the scenery was pretty gorgeous laying by the creek bed

I took these beautiful humans through a slow vinyasa mindful that we had some yoga newbies. I treated them to a beautiful sound bath (I wanted to lie in savasana + reap the beauty too lol)

we began our hike through the rainforests, the ever changing scenery + the feels (the temperature changed as did the density of the air) as we moved through

I chose this particular area of Lorne to avoid the hustle + bustle of people traffic, I was determined to make this yoga hike as special as I could

special it was. it was fuqing magical! we visited 3 waterfalls + played amongst one of them (see pic above) everything thing from the outside world was forgotten! we pushed through fears, supported each other + found strength we didn't think we had, including me. I will forever be grateful to these beautiful humans that took time for themselves + grew as a person.

this yoga hike will forever be special

Karen x

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