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river yoga hike

as you would have guessed now I LURVE being in nature + I'm particularly fond of the water. So another passion of mine is stand up paddle boarding + I LURVE to share my passions. So I put together a River Yoga Hike

the morning began with a vinyasa flow on the deck over the water. chilly morning but the sun warmed us up along with the flow.

I made a crystal grid that represented the water, nature + us. I treated everyone to a sound bath as they lay in savasana on the water

we had some beginner stand up paddle boarders that picked it up pretty quickly after a demo. I love a good demo! our hike was along the waters into unknown private spaces. a few bridges to navigate (on tummy's lol) + so many wobbles + laughs. yes there were falls + spills into the water. with these wobbles, falls + spills came courage + resilience. some of these gorgeous humans would not have dreamed of being out on a river on a stand up board hiking + doing yoga! + there were spontaneous swims + so much encouragement + support for each other

I just LURVE hosting yoga hikes, bringing gorgeous humans together + spending time in nature feeling all the feels

Karen x

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