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why reaching the top didn't fulfill me

I scrambled and tumbled. I had my eye on the top. I was nearly there. breathless, sweaty + physically exhausted. in my mind getting to the top of this mountain was the ultimate reward. I was pushing hard, nothing else mattered in this moment than getting to the top.

I reached the very top + stood breathless + pretty pleased with myself. I got my picture taken with rosy red cheeks + all the feels of an achievement. I had used breathing techniques I had learned in yoga to help me push through. yup I had this! or so I thought...

the descent was unforgiving + relentless. more falls + tumbles than I could count. mother nature was unforgiving on this day. I had no choice but to dig deep, the sun was beginning to set + the cool of the evening was folding in. we weren't even half way through when darkness was upon us completely. yep I will admit a sense of panic began to rise creeping in + with it anger + rage. fear brings with it may emotions + quickly takes hold.

stopping to think about how I was going to navigate the river crossing I became aware of my surroundings. really aware. for that moment I felt more feels than I could have put into words. it was a moment of choice.

I had the choice to enjoy the journey + surrender or let fear take hold. all I could was laugh + become aware of the moment/s that were.

reaching the top of the mountain couldn't have been further from my thoughts. I had begun a journey of

more than a view. it was a personal journey that asked me to make personal choices.

I grew from this hike as I will with many more. the teaching + lessons of my yoga journey were taken off the mat this day + servered me in unimaginable ways.


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